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I tar roofs & Crofter's traditional soap is the only thing that shifts it off my hands & arms. very impressed! If it keeps me clean it MUST be good!!~ Mick Grains

Thank you so much for getting my order through to me so quickly. I really appreciate it. I used to live in Lerwick and I loved coming into your shop to buy tons of wonderful ‘smelly stuff.’ When I moved to the mainland I really missed the vanilla & cinnamon soap, so I was over the moon when I found out I can now get it all through the net! Oh and my Up-Helly-Aa hand cream has been a God send over the last couple of years! Once again, thank you.~ Claire, Perthshire

I never thought anything could woo me away from The Body Shop…but your story and your website pulled me in.~ Susan Cicantelli, Pennsylvania, USA

Just a quick message to thank you for your excellent service, the stuff I ordered from the website arrived in good shape on Monday, so I’m well please. Again – very many thanks.~ Kate, Elgin

While in Lerwick for Up Helly Aa festival, we looked in at the Shetland Soap Shop. We were impressed with the range of products but came away with a pot of Shetland Rescue Cream. I have had a continuing problem for many years with very dry skin on my feet. This was not just on the heels but down the sides of the sole as well. At times cracks formed that became very painful. I had tried many creams and lotions prescribed by my G.P. but nothing cleared this dry skin. When I returned home I started using the Rescue Cream every night before retiring. Within in a matter of between 2 & 3 weeks, to the amazement of my wife and Doctor, my feet were normal. We keep a pot on hand now to rub on hands & feet when the need arises. Many Thanks.~ Ron Williamson, Bishop Auckland, Co Durham.

I hope the Patchouli face cream is as good for my dry eczema as the Rescue cream is for cracked feet – I’ve been using this cream for several months now & my skin was completely healed after years of suffering sore, cracked feet. I’ve actually ran out of Rescue Cream and within 2 weeks my heels have become sore and cracked again so thank goodness Dr McGregor recommended this cream & I’ll make sure I don’t run out again! Thanks again for your help.~ Sharon, Co Durham

We were given a bottle of Crofter’s Bubble Bath as a present by a visitor to Shetland. It is an excellent product for people who have very sensitive skin.~ Walker Fisher, Ayr

I first found Shetland soap in late 2004 whilst visiting Shetland. I bought various creams and bath lotions for my mum, but seeing an opportunity for a bit of a treat myself couldn't resist the handmade soap. I bought two bars, and I can still remember that they were Sheltie sunshine and Crofters (still my favourites!).

On my return, I didn't expect much from the soap and thought when they when were gone that was it, as after all who would buy – of all things – soap from what I thought was so far away? I was very wrong!

I work as an outdoor contractor, and most days end up covered in, and smelling, of goodness-knows-what. Normally for my hands, arms and face I would have to use swarfega (yes, the goo with sand in) to clean myself. The soap and as I found out later, the superb handwash (one large container lasts 5 months), too is actually better. Seriously. It doesn't smell like a garage, but of lavender, honey, herbs, whatever.

After looking suspiciously at the ingredients I was surprised to find their products really do contain wholesome and natural things, which for me is important. Postage too is not a problem, it's as quick as any other internet order.

Each and every time - whichever product I use, I am clean, smell clean, but more importantly *feel* clean, which in my job is essential.

Shetland Soap produce quality products which keep on exceeding my expectations. In my three years as a customer I have had only one (ordering) problem, and it was resolved by receiving a personal phone call; a first from any company before or since. I buy their products as gifts for friends and family, who in turn have become customers.

I must admit to only realising after listening to the podcast that Shetland Soap is a social enterprise – a subject personally close to my heart – so it is even more of a reason to trust them and their products.

The only problem with expanding their product line is deciding what to order next...~ Dave, North Wales.

Just wanting to thank you so much for the wonderful service I have received when placing my first order.The items are really beautiful and I look forward to suporting you many times in the near future.~ Susan, Essex