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We draw much of our creative energies from the spectacular natural environment that we live and work in. With this as our inspiration we design fragrances to evoke the smell of the sea or the warmth of the sun, and products to help resolve skin care problems encountered by local people in such a northerly location. 

We use both traditional and contemporary methods because being situated on an island archipelago of 22,000 folk we like to be all things to all people. Therefore we have produced an exhilarating range of gentle bubble baths and body washes alongside a pure, traditionally made range of soaps and creams for those who prefer to use only natural ingredients.

Please also remember none of our products have been tested on animals. 

Shetland Soap Company is part of Cope Ltd which is a Social Enterprise providing work placements for adults with disablilites in our local community.

All together we think you’ll find an exciting and vibrant range that reflects the true spirit of Shetland today.